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ICCP Messtechnik GmbH


the "Wiener Thermometerspezialhaus Partl" was founded. The major task consisted in supplying single business enterprises as well as opticians with special thermometers.


during the rising and high business performance other well-known companys were integrated in the company.


extension into the industrial area. The organisation and distribution of devices of measurement and controlling engineering was picked up into the companyprogramm.
The company has moved to 1060 Vienna.
During this movement the company management also moved to the succession generation.


after Mr. Partl died the company was leaded by his family. 


through a takeover by Mr. Rudolf Rausch the company earned the status LLC, the "Thermometerspezialhaus und Messtechnik GmbH" and the company moved to Liesing, 1230 Vienna.


the company moved to a bigger and strategically better situated area in Liesing, 1230 Vienna.


through the fusion with the company of Mr. Csar ("ICC-Prozessmesstechnik") which was already acting with devices of measurement and controlling engineering since 1997, the company "ICCP Messtechnik GmbH" originated.
Mr. Rudolf Rausch and Mr. Christian Csar represented the company and takeover the management.


an outside office in Graz was builded.


since Mr. Rudolf Rausch has retired the company and 5 co-workers are leaded by Mr. Christian Csar.


by 01.06.2009 we moved (Perfektastr. 61, house 6; 1230 Vienna). This new corporate building offers us a supplier access and a more spacious work environment.